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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  April 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. we begin with breaking news out of bucks county tonight. where a raging barn fire is now under control in perkasie this was burning out of control for awhile on the 200 block of smith school road. it started around 8:30. sky fox was over the inferno. thankfully no injuries reported. chaos on the streets of north philadelphia as bullets fly in the middle of the day. two people are dead and two others are in the hospital tonight. all the victims are 30 years old or younger. police say nearly two dozen shots were fired. thanks for joining us i'm iain page. whoever pulled the trigger still out there tonight. let's get right out to fox 29's shawnette wilson live outside police headquarters with more information. shawnette. >> reporter: iain here's the carrie part. that neighborhood was crawling with children around the time this happened and i talked to
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father who says his children were among those who were coming home after this happened. >> my hyped is just like everywhere right now. >> reporter: edward smallwood lives on the 1100 block of west styles street in north philly where someone fired nearly two dozen shots shooting four people. two of them are dead. >> i have kids in the house. for of them. you know what i mean? three minutes earlier may have been they could have been shot. >> reporter: dozens of police responded to the seen at harrison public housing 3:30 this afternoon. they transported three of the victims to the hospital. one victim drove himself there. >> we had four individuals standing there. we believe that someone came east from this location and started firing. one shooter maybe two. >> reporter: homicide captain james clark says the victims are all men between the age of 24 and 30. two were pronounced dead at the hospital. two others remained in critical burt stable condition late this evening. pill bottles were scattered near the area corson off by crime scene tape but police con firm
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if they had anything to do with the shooting. smallwood watched from his back door pointerring out there's a school across the street and kids were coming home as this happened. >> no one thinks of that, man. we need to get this together. what are we doing? >> reporter: and police believe the shooters pave may have gotten away in a small gray suv parked near the scene. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. big turn out tonight in north philadelphia to remember a man who's life was tragically cut short from gun violence. crowd is honoring 37-year-old darrell mitchell. someone shot and killed him on the 1800 block of north taney street last night. his dog was also shot. so far there have been no arrests. this may look like just a guy on a bike ride but this is a wanted man much police say he wizzed by an 80-year-old woman stole hur purse and kept riding. that victim spoke only to our schratwieser hoping to get the bad guy off the streets. >> reporter: ideal-year-old elizabeth is one tough cookie. she chased the guy had snatched her purse almost a block before
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she gave up tonight she says she wants to see this guy behind bars. >> i just turned 80 years old. >> elizabeth says is he she was was minding her own business and walk home from a local store last week. suddenly a guy ride ago bike approached her on the sidewalk and robbed her. >> he came over and with that bike and knocked me down. >> elizabeth says the bicycle bandit took off with her purse containing 200 bucks, her checkbook, id and two phones. along with her heart medication. >> i'm chasing him to sickth street. i chased him but i wouldn't catch him. >> police say happened it hat 500 block of hunting park avenue. elizabeth had just was at the imperial garden restaurant and was headed for home. people walk back and forth to the local stores here. carmen fernandez had just left the store monday evening. >> it's sad they did that to her because she's 80. you know, it was teenagers something is different story.
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for this coward to approach her and take what she had despicab despicable. >> it scares me. >> i notice you keep your purse protected very well. >> yes. i do. >> reporter: now elizabeth was not seriously hurt. she is convinced she tells me that the suspect in this case is from the hunting park neighborhood. iain? >> dave, thank you. bill cosby back in montgomery county courtroom for another pretrial hearing today. prosecutors and the defense are at odds over whether a testimony from a decade old deposition should be allowed into the trial as evidence. cosby's testimony includes some damming confessions about sex and drugs. he is of course set to go on trial in june on accusations that he drugged and molested a former temple universit employee. the trial began today for the three teenaged girls charged in connection with that deadly bathroom fight. prosecutors say the fight last year in wilmington, delaware led at the death of 16-year-old amy joyner francis much the trial is expected to last two weeks.
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on your radar that rain is here again. minutes ago fox 29 employees heading in to our old city studios to report that they had to dodge a few raindrops. so the drizzle has arrived. kathy. >> um-hmm. then the rain and then the heavy rain it's going come in stages. so rounds of heavy rain expected overnight tonight. some whipping winds as well gusts to 30, 40 miles an hour and some warmth. right now on ultimate doppler you can see the waves of rain moving and in yellow the doppler screen through delaware and south jersey that's our first rounder of heavy rain you can see it on our ultimate doppler triple scan here. some patchy showers through philadelphia. but more concentrated rain moving on in. in old city yes, the roads are wet. the temperatures are mild in the 50's with a strong southerly wind. we have a warm front moving through. that's round one that moves through over aetna and most of this a out of here by 6am. seven, seven, am spotty showers. what's going to happen the sun will break out. we're in the warm sector between a warm front an approaching cold
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front and where we see the sun we'll see temperatures soaring through the 70s and by the afternoon, some pop-up showers even some downpours expected so please be aware of that and then in the wake of a cold front it all clears out preparing us for a really beautiful wednesday. now here's a look at your winds tonight winds will gust to 30, even 40 miles an hour. from the south 43 miles an hour gust in wildwood at 4:00 a.m. so you will maybe here the windows moving a little bit overnight. tuesday the winds are still strong and by the evening they're out of the west southwest gusting to 20 even 30 miles an hour so tomorrow windy day. a warm day and a wet day. wind gusts to about 20 miles an hour even by wednesday morning. rain amounts between half an inch an i of rain. we have a flood watch in effect for the lehigh valley and into the poconos for possibly one to 2-inches of rain. overnight it stays mile in the 50's. some 40s in allen up to and the poconos. everyone above freezing it falls in the form of rain. during the day tomorrow after the early morning rain afternoon
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showers. strong southerly winds and temperatures in the 70s so it will be warm even though we have the wet windy weather. on your 5-day forecast from the weather authority. the best day of the week, iain, is wednesday. wednesday is the best day. sunny, warm. it's 70. then more rain. more storms for your thursday. that could linger into friday for the phils home opener. saturday beautiful in the 50's. sunday 60's. monday we go 70's i like this kind of progression here. don't you? >> i'm with you oh and that. >> it gets better every single day. we could be turning corner bite weekend and into next week. >> sounds good, kathy. make sure you start your day with the good day team beginning at 4:00 a.m. sewer serio will track all the rain kathy has been telling you about and bob kelly will have any problems out there on the roads. the search is on for a bold robber at a feltonville sandwich shop. police releasing surveillance video. it shows a masked man storming into he will punto on the 4400 block of wait to kerr of a he goes behind the counter points a gun at an employee and demands
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cash he takes the money and ru runs. it all happened last monday night. if you know anything call police now to south jersey two similar creepy end counts reported in less than 24 hours. the latest one just happened this afternoon. it involved strangers driving up to some kids while they were walking. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in blackwood, camden county with more information from police. chris? >> reporter: iain, tonight gloucester township police are investigating two incidents over two days where children were approached by men in a white v van. although police tonight do not think the incidents are connected it does have them and parents very concerned. >> just scary just to know that's local here in this areas specially it's like a good enabled. >> reporter: parents in gloucester township concerned over not one but two incidents involving strangers approaching children in blackwood. the latest happened this afternoon at the corner of fairmount avenue and estelle avenue where a 12-year-old boy
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says a man in a white van approached him. the boy didn't say anything. but took off running. police say the van actually reverted towards the boy before taking off. just 16 hours earlier on sunday night, about a mile away, a 17-year-old girl was walking near the corner of blackwood pike and pros spec avenue a might map a white window less van, honked his horn pulled over and asked the girl if she needed a ride home. the girl ran home alarm enough to call police. >> it's heartbreaking you think about your kids every second of the day and unfortunately you can't be there every of second of day for them. >> description in the first incident a white male in his 30s wearing wearing a black hooded vet sweatshirt. left tooth appeared crook described with blemish or mole on the right side of his chin app raspy voice much despite the similarities between the two incidents please do not believe they're connected. >> makes me sick to my stomach.
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should be should lock these guys up. i have little brothers. it make me worry when i hear things like that much it's diss couldn't certain. >> investigators are urging anyone who encountered similar incidents or have any information on these suspect or suspect vehicles to call gloucester township police. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. two suspects have now been charged in the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy who was shot last month as he ordered some take out food at a hunting tack restaurant police say 19 yeared tamir johnson was the shooter. they also charged 18-year-old christopher sol sutherland in the death of cashier davis path they are. surveillance video helped them department if i these two guys. father of a two-year-old quakertown boy who accidentally shot himself to death with his dad's gun is sentenced to jail. 27-year-old nicholas wiley pleaded guilty today in bucks county court. he is sentenced to almost two years in jail. prosecutors say he left a loaded handgun in a bedroom where the
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child had gone to watch windy the poo. last september his attorney says his client is already seven ago live sentence and will never recover emotionally. expectant moms in philadelphia will be a little more comfortable when they're big day comes and the city of philadelphia is spending almost a million dollars to repair a skinny one block street but is it worth the cost when there are so many other streets needing patching up?
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we now know the department at the avenue man killed in a drive by shooting in crescen crescentville. police say 39-year-old donte valentine was waiting at the light on somerdale avenue at the boulevard yesterday morning when someone drove up beside him and opened fire. the victim tried to drive off but crashed. police still don't have suspect and they don't know if he was targeted officer not. former philadelphia district attorney lynne abraham suing to get rid of her successor abraham along with a philadelphia attorney have sued the da seth williams. asking that, a judge to force him out of office. last month williams was indicted on federal corruption charges. williams has given up his law license but is not stepping down from office. it's a historic day for the philadelphia fire department
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they just promoted their first ever woman to batallion chief. fire commissioner thiel swore in captain linda long today. she's also the first person male or female to rise through the ranks as a paramedic and a firefighter. she was one of two dozen promotiopromotions today also pg department history is paramedic captain crystal yates. she became the city's first african-american female paramedic services chief. ♪ it's hank. the city is redoing south american street. skinny one block long but it is historic. is it worth the seven hadn't dread to us san they'll spend on it my take is depends on who you are and where you live. >> most important the city will put up sick hundred thousand dollars you better jump on it because you don't know when the chance the next city will get my morning. >> hard to logic with tom mc feeley logic. when the city wants to renovate your street let them do their thing. >> that's what convinces me.
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if they don't do it it will go to another street. not that there aren't streets that are worthy. >> reporter: there are. we'll get to that. but first, 700 grand for one block? it turns out the not that simple. in a statement the city roar schlear with mow bout disses in ordinary repave and one on an historic street like american. first of all all these pavers have come and and be reset sub base will be redone as well. the curbing, the sidewalks all reset while underneath they'll redo the water and sewer mains as well as the outlets that come you through the sidewalk. a complete rebuild. makes you wonder how many potholes $700,000 could fill in the rest of the city. driver across south philly you'll see decent streets some patches and some potholes. eddie bianchi from eddie's auto repair says woosh out for them or you'll be lucky to get away with just a blown tire. >> they also have suspension
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problems. you know, like, you know, control arms, you know, stuff like that, you know, you know, tire rods, you know, so, you know, suspension on the car also, you know, is not good. >> reporter: streets department website says it's filled more than 12,000 potholes so far this year. more than 130 a day. drivers like anita sanger say you've got to watch out but things could be a lot worse. >> i'm from maryland, and every winter the road gets tour up and then the neck spring potholes everywhere report roar it's not just a philly thing? >> no. i mean my dad explains about it all the time from there. so i think it's everywhere probably. >> reporter: she makes a good point. next time you're fed up with the potholes here take ride across the river to camden or trenton. there are streets like cattle trails that make wall net streets look like at auto ban. mayor kenney will spend plenty on potholes in the next five years. for now call them in and keep score. i'm hank and that's my take.
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amtrak's operating on modified schedule northeast corridor tomorrow after this morning's derailment in new york's penn state. expect delays heading into new york as well the this morning a new jersey transit train coming from trenton dough railed about 1200 passengers were on that train when it went off the tracks at a low speed. there were no serious injuries. this is the second derailment in a week and a half at penn station. you see it and you shoot it our fresco users helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. dawn, what's going on tonight? >> iain, two people were rescued after a car flipped over in bath northampton county about 3:00 this afternoon. only one car was involved in the accident. victim's conditions are not known. we don't know yet what caused the driver to lose control either n montgomery county arc driver crashes right smack into a tree this morning in shop right parking lot in east norriton although the car was left in pretty bad shape the driver did not go to the hospital which certainly is good
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news. and it's national youth violence prevention week. to night the philadelphia ethical society and philadelphia cease fire held this forum with youth and faith leaders and other public officials all to& talk about possible solutions. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and make sure to to use the fresco app to september it to our newsroom. iain. >> thanks dawn. tonight in your health big news for expectant moms. einstein medical center in philadelphia now has some private post delivery rooms for new moms. it means longer times spent together for mom and bad during their hospital stay allowing the baby to stay with their moms. >> it's 24 hour rooming in and there is increased boning it helps with breast feeding. it helps create that special bond between the family and the newborn. >> einstein now has 28 private post delivery rooms. the hospital says they include roomier settings and allow other family members to stay overnig overnight. sean, what you got in sports? >> iain, baseball is back and the phillies opening the season
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up with win. the phil are actually the best team in the city and i don't think it's even close. i'll tell you why the phils are on top of the philly mountain top next in my sports commenta commentary. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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>> sean bell takes on the phillies and why he thinks they are the best team in the city. his commentary in 152nd much
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15 seconds. ♪ the phillies are the best team in philadelphia. i'm not just saying that because the season started today. they won. they really are. hear me out. obviously we don't even have to mention the sixers. lottery team, top ten pick, once again, let's move them out the way. now, let's look at the eagles. owner jeffrey lurie and came out and basically said be patient much this team has ton of holes it's going to take some time to fill them. plus with the giants and cowboys in the division, they don't have shot any way. so they're done. now we have the flyers. if you don't have a big time goalie in this game you don't have a chance much after they had a ten-game weeing streak
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back in december. worst record in the nhl. that was fool's gold. the flyers never had a shot. so that leaves the phillies. i know. they have a ton of holes, too, but they at least have boat load of young talent has that has the potential to he'll merge as stars. aaron nola, maikel franco, odubel herrera. i think the ingredients right now they're actually the team in town. iain? >> all right. sean. we are just three we can away from the first anniversary of prince's death and in minnesota fans are remembering the legendary musician by paying tribute at his pace the park compound in minnesota. fans left momentos along the proper fence. that fence is being heft left out the month and four day celebration is being planned for later in the month. >> all right. rain is already started out there. need that umbrella and rain gear tomorrow. one of those soakers.
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>> this is what you can expect overnight tonight. talking about temperatures that are going to stay in the 50s but look at this moderate to heavy rain. isolated thunder storm. could be a few rumbles. and of course winds gusting to 30 even 40 miles an hour. so this is all over night tonight. >> hmm. >> doesn't look good. >> no. >> we got better stuff coming. >> we do. another round of rain later in the week. better stuff coming after that. >> masters week this week. >> i know. >> little rain delay for the phillies when they come back. >> we don't want to see that. no, we don't. more entertainment straight ahead on fox 29tmz and dish nation chasing news followed by the simpsons. we of course are back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue serio tracking that rain and bob kelly has got your traffic covered all morning long. thanks for watching. have a great night.
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♪ at announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kim kardashian finally ventures out and it looks like she might have gotten accosted. >> have we reached a point where somebody sort of brushes by kim kardashian, it's a national incident. harvey: how can you so insensitive? >> somebody brushed by her. >> i wish you would be more sensitive to women who have been attacked. >> mike epps was in a lot of hot water. he brought a kangaroo on stage and is freaking out on stage. >> [bleep], [bleep]. >> you never put an animal somewhere where the animal doesn't want to be. >> at the zoo. they don't want to be in the zoo either. >> that's actually a pretty good point. [laughter] >> mama june, her transformation is complete. apparently she lost close to 300 pounds. >> she's kind of hot. >> charlie, if it was 1:00 a.m., had a few beers -- >> we got fetty wap. he's leaving lure. his baby khari just had her first birthday.


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